About Shortlist Private Tours

Michael Hibbert

Michael | Shortlist Marketing & Tours | Exclusive Personalised ToursOn your average Day Tour you could rightly expect to be driven to and fro by your average bus driver. That’s how most tours work.

But on a Shortlist Private Tour your host is exceptional in many ways.
With over 30 years experience in Tourism & Hospitality Marketing, Publishing and Business Management and having sat on Regional Tourism Boards, Michael knows more than enough to keep you well informed when you’re thirsty for information and he’s sensitive enough to know when to keep quiet.

It can be a fine art as only those well experience through the school of life understand.

With Michael at the wheel, your day will be enhanced in so many ways, be it unexpected introductions to wine makers and business owners along the way, the fabulous selection of music between cellar doors, historical insights or simply stimulating conversation when you feel like a chat. Its all part of the journey, but only on a Shortlist Private Tour.

Greg Harris

Greg | Shortlist Marketing & Tours | Exclusive Personalised Tours

Greg boasts a wealth of business experience both in Australia and abroad with Hospitality at the heart of his endeavours. From managing Hotels, to running some of Melbourne’s largest entertainment venues including the Melbourne Tennis Centre, Melbourne Zoo, and Flemington Racecourse. Greg has also spent considerable time in the corporate world with Shell Australia managing their food service operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. And he spent 3 years in China managing International schools from Shanghai to Beijing.
He’s got a teaching degree as well as being a qualified chef and he’s passionate about food, wine and having a great time.

So you might well learn as much during this day as you did through all your years at high school – if you get to chatting.

But more importantly, you’ll find Greg the perfect host and he’s fun and witty as well.

So whoever’s at the helm on your tour, we know you’ll love every moment of the day and you’ll be travelling in comfort and style on a Shortlist Private tour.